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Print Posted by WeddingHour on 08/05/2017

The Wedding Affair & #WeddingHour's Guide To Wedding Dress Shopping...

The Wedding Affair & #WeddingHour's Guide To Wedding Dress Shopping...

Wow, isn't it gorgeous outside this morning! What are you all getting up to on this fine Tuesday? Today, for this weeks edition of 'Top Tips' we are thinking all things to do with wedding  dress shopping. Brides, Take a read of our handy guide to really make you gain the most from the experience. What would your dream dress be?

The Big Wedding Dress Search! An amazing, fun filled and very exciting time - this is usually the part that brides mostly enjoy, the part you have probably dreamed about since you were 6. Wedding dress shopping is something that is to be enjoyed with your nearest and dearest (excluding partner, if sticking to tradition!) and be truly filled with joy and love. However, the side that isn't talked about in the industry is just how daunting it can be.

For most of us this is the first and only time we'll be looking for a wedding dress, and it's not the same as picking out an everyday outfit for work. Finding the perfect wedding dress can be quite a long process and admittedly, isn't always easy. So, to help you avoid any bridal boutique faux pas, tears or disappointment, and to make the wedding dress shopping as fun and, as easy as possible, we put together this quick guide to bridal shopping with our top wedding dress shopping tips. It's a few simple pointers, gleaned from the experience of many brides, and what we hear from many luxurious bridal boutiques that we are so proud to work with.

We hope it helps loves...

Belle Bridal

If you are not one of those that already has their dress envisioned, then think about what sort of wedding you are seeking. There are so, so many beautiful gowns out there... so do try and think about what theme or style your day is going to be. If you have booked your venue, then think about what would suit. Most importantly, consider your body shape and personal style - think of all your choices, the style and shape of the wedding dress, necklines, length, waistlines, trains, sleeves and so on...


Setting your budget is SO important! Never, ever try on a gown that is going top be higher than your budget. This can lead to so much disappointment. Set your budget with your partner, and stick to it. Remember to include room for accessories, shoes, veil and alternations etc. It's easy to forget about this when you are in a boutique getting exited with your family!

We suggest looking through blogs, magazines and Pinterest for lots of inspiration!

Where to go, and who?

Most bridal shops are by appointment only - book in advance to avoid disappointment. If you haven't yet considered where to try on your dress, do take a quick peep at our Approved Bridal Boutiques!

Organise to go to the appointments on your own, with your Mum or with one or two friends whose opinions you know you can trust. Don't bring an entourage! You need to be able to hear yourself think, and follow your own instincts about which dress makes you look and feel great, not what your whole bridal party thinks you look great in. Remember, it is your dress.

What to bring with you?

Make sure that you wear appropriate underwear, as you will be assisted when getting in, and out of dresses. Also, make sure that you pick underwear that isn't going to show through a dress (not the best of looks!), so preferably nude! Take a good quality strapless bra, that is well fitted.

Try to wear little or no make-up to protect the dresses and to give you the chance to see which shades are more flattering to your skin tone, steer away from the fake tan also! No one wants to be trying on a dress with orange streaks in it, let alone possibly purchasing one...

If you have already got some accessories, bring them along with you. Are you borrowing your mothers old veil, or has your gran given you her beautiful statement diamond earrings? This is all essential to see if it matches perfectly with the dress. The same goes for shoes, if you have them, perfect. If you haven't then don't worry, the boutique you are visiting should be able to give you some to try!

Eleanor Woodruff Photography

Trying On The Dresses...

Again, please do not try anything that is out of your budget, make this clear to the boutique staff! Also, don't be afraid to try something that you haven't pictured yourself, you never know, you may be pleasantly surprised! Fancying a straight column dress? Try on a mermaid fit and flare... if you try on other styles of dress then at least you will have peace of mind that it either does, or doesn't suit you!

Try not to go over board too, if you try on too many dresses then you may get confused, or over whelm yourself. Try to stick to 5 dresses in a single appointment, or as many as you feel comfortable in.

At the end of your appointment, if you haven't felt like you have found "The One" try not to be disheartened, it may take you 100's of dresses, a dozen, or it could be the first dress you try. Every bride is different, just remember to enjoy yourself, and, if you don't feel like 'The One' is out there, consider a bespoke dress.

Good luck finding the wedding gown of your dreams, and have a lovely Tuesday x

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