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Print Posted by WeddingHour on 11/08/2017

The Wedding Affair Perfect Planning Guide... Alternative Hen Ideas with List of Life Hens

The Wedding Affair Perfect Planning Guide... Alternative Hen Ideas with List of Life Hens

It seems that Hump Day has crept upon us again, and that means we have another pretty post to join The Wedding Affair Perfect Planning Guide and too, another #WeddingHour topic for this evening. The topic of the day is 'alternative hen ideas'. Of course, as per standard for Wednesday mornings, we are kick starting your day with a blog will some great idea's for your very own hen celebrations.

Are you planning your hen party/ weekend? Let us know what you will be getting up to in the comments section beneath this post.

Every bride will have a last night of freedom before she will be attached to her other half forever. This hen party should be perfect but it can be quite complex when it gets to planning the actual activities. We all know the typical hen parties, like pole dancing, burlesque, life drawing, cocktail making or hiring a stripper. All these activities are fun but for those who want a truly unique hen party, we have made a list with alternative hen party ideas.

Scarlet O'Neil Photography

Animal Sanctuary

If the bride-to-be is an animal lover then this is the animal hen party of dreams! You will spent a few hours in an animal park and all of you will work together to create play toys, hiding houses, climbing equipment or other fun features for the animals. There are a variety of animals who would fancy a new toy, climbing frame or challenge. The best part of this party is that you will get to see the animals use whatever you made at the end of the session. This is a great opportunity to make the animals happy and enrich their lives.

Bath Bomb Making

The Bath Bomb Making hen party is fun and creative in the moment and gives you a great post-party experience as you get to take some luxury bath bombs home. You will learn how to make a bath bomb from scratch. Once you have gotten the hang of it, you will get the chance to make personalised bath bombs. You will get to choose your own essential oils, colours and fragrances to mix them together into a unique bath bomb. The most exciting part is putting the bath bombs to test at home! This hen party is perfect for groups of mixed aged.

Caviar Tasting

Caviar is considered a luxury delicacy so a Caviar Tasting hen party is perfect for real foodies that want to get a taste of the high life without emptying their pockets. An expert will guide you through the tasting process. He will explain where the delicacy comes from and will talk about the various types. You will get to taste a great range of mouth-watering types of caviar. Enlighten your taste buds, relax and indulge in the world of caviar during this hen party! To make the party even more luxurious, you can pair it with a Champagne Tasting session.


Glamping is the combination of glamorous and camping. It is perfect for those who want a camping weekend away from the city but still want it to be luxurious. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed with champagne and afternoon tea by our experienced glampers, who will take care of you. The Saturday will be filled with several activities, which you will decide upon before your event. You can choose from wild food foraging, fire making, flower crown making, wild cocktails and camp baking. The evenings will be very relaxing. Enjoy your cooked meal and some drinks around the campfire. You can spend time in a hot sauna and bring face masks and beauty treatments and have a very chilled girls night! By the time you leave the hen party you will all be relaxed and spoiled!

If you are planning a hen party and would like to book any of these activities or see more, visit our website!

This blog post has been written by List of Life Hens, a hen party company and bridal blog.

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